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About Me

I'm a senior at UC Berkeley studying computer science who was raised in California.

In the past, I've interned at Apple and Palo Alto Networks as a Software Engineering Intern working in AI/ML and cybersecurity respectively. At Apple, I worked on a weekly automation tool that updates lexical data in Siri. At PANW, I worked on a tool that tracks connected hardware devices (USB, ethernet, etc) for resource management for an SD-WAN.

I also have a profound passion for UI/UX design and web development. I'm a course instructor for CS 198: Web Design DeCal, which is the popular introduction to web design course at Berkeley.

In my free time, I love to play piano, ukelele, basketball, as well as binge Netflix shows and indulge in video games. I'm also raising a little calico kitten called Peanut!